Qatar Between Land and Sea. Through Arts and Heritage
The exhibition is a narrative about the State of Qatar, it’s history, culture, and customs. The exhibition is a joint curatorial project of the Cultural Creative Agency, National Museum of Qatar and SheikhFaisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum
Qatar Film Days
Qatar Film Days is a cultural initiative that presents contemporary cinema from the Middle East and North Africa to the Russian audiences
MaWaheb Festival is a new festival to be launched in St.Petersburg in Summer 2021 with an aim to promote music cultures of the Middle East and North Africa
(nо) borders
Project by the Сultural Сreative Agency that aims to reinterpret borders, the real and the imagined, the geographical and the cultural, and invites you into a space for dialogue, joint actions, and collective reflection on the future. The project was launched in December 2020
Еast Еast
Online edition on culture, art, philosophy, and everyday life. It’s core goal is to challenge and reinvent notions of East
Еast Еast рaper
EastEast Paper is an art and cultural publication and an artefact. Published in Russian and English, it orchestrates dialogue among a multitude of different “easts”
Qatar Between Land and Sea Qatar Film Days Mawaheb (nо) borders EastEast Еast Еast рaper
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About us
Cultural Creative Agency brings together an intellectual approach and aesthetic vision in order to build new ways of representation for cultures, countries, and their people. Its vision is to open up a cartography of solidarity across borders. While studying the diversity of human societies in time and space, CCA links the local and the global, the material and the spiritual, and the past and the present in a search for commonalities, offering various approaches to understanding and responding to contemporary challenges.